Partnership Opportunities

Chatzos Partnership
A parent, a child, a sibling, a friend. A shidduch, a refuah, a job, deliverance from peril. We all need something. And with an entire kollel, at one location or many, learning and praying in your merit, the heavens are pried open and divine assistance is delivered.
The Kollel Chatzos talmidei chachomim execute this sincere responsibility each night. When reciting the kvittel list, they put their heart and soul into each name. The awesome power of midnight Torah gives their supplications an immense influence in shomaim in your favor.
12 Hours Torah Partnership
Together, the five Kollel locations cast a nightlong net of divine security and heavenly aid over all of Klal Yisroel. As the day hours are universally covered with Torah, Kollel Chatzos covers the nightly gap from 6pm to 6am: 6pm Eastern time is 1am in Israel, which is when the Meron Kollel arises. Six hours later, the kollelim in America take over for 6 subsequent hours.
Rashbi Chatzos Partnership
Throughout the Zohar, Rashbi mentions 127 times (!) the immense power of chatzos learning and the miracles merited through it. In Meron, Kollel Chatzos learns and prays at his sacred gravesite, offering our supporters the ultimate chatzos opportunity.
Have your name(s) mentioned at the holy kever by esteemed scholars who truly fulfill the will of Rashbi. To tap into R' Shimon Bar Yochai's generational promise, support our Meron kollel, submit your own kvittel, and enjoy miraculous Heavenly aid in every area of life
Yisaschar- Zevulun Partnership
Nearly every section of Zohar extols this age-old partnership. Every individual must, to the best of their ability, strive to fulfill their duty of "immersion in Torah"; those who cannot do so themselves should at least support a Torah scholar for a share in his learning.
For people of means, Kollel Chatzos makes the perfect Yisaschar to your Zevulun, bringing you the opportunity to create an eternal personal partnership with an individual learner for your fair share in Torah. As scripture says, "In this you shall endeavor day and night." Now you can do so every night of the year.
One-Chavrusa Partnership
"And from where do we learn that when two sit and learn, the Shechina sits among them? For it says, 'And then the God fearing will speak, man to his fellow'"
The power of Torah learning compounds in company. So much so, that the Shechina HaKedosha takes a seat even among just two learners who toil over the blatt together. The significance of this is huge: Enabling just a single chavrusa to immerse themselves in the word of Torah equates to a promise of divine providence on the individual level. When sponsoring an entire Kollel is unfeasible, choose to partner with Kollel Chatzos by supporting two pious talmidei chachamim who devote their lives to Torah study. The blessings and Siya'ata Dishmaya are sure to follow.

Segulah Opportunities

The Ketores Segulah
This segulah is mentioned in the Torah as early as its inception (Bamidbar 17), as the otherworldly secrets within Ketores were revealed to Moshe Rabeinu on Mt. Sinai. The Arizal writes that in today's world, the recitation of ketores is equivalent; that it brings immense yeshuos and saves from death. Rabbi Yitzchok Kaduri said that it is the only aid against cancer.
Shidduchim at Amukah
Kollel Chatzos will daven for you every single day until you experience a yeshuah
The kever of Rabbi Yonasan ben Uziel in Amukah is renowned as a special site where prayers to find a shidduch are readily accepted. Every year, thousands of young people flock to the gravesite to pour out their hearts and daven that the merit of the saintly Tanna assists them to meet their match.
The Illustrious Rashash Redemption
This segulah has a storied history, and, according to one mesorah, has been transmitted from heaven by Eliyahu Hanavi himself. R' Chaim Vital often used this segulah and personally testified to its wonderful powers. In later generations, the Chasam Sofer performed it on behalf of all the residents of his hometown, Pressburg, during Napoleon's invasion. During the subsequent fighting, all of the homes were destroyed—yet not one Jew perished. The Magid of Mezritch, the Mekubal R Mordechai Sharabi, and the Ateres Tzvi were known to have performed this segulah to incredible effect as well.
The Segula of the Ben Ish Chai
Rabbi Mordechai Sharabi had a disciple who was already advanced in age and had tried many segulos in the hope of being blessed with a son. When nothing bore results, he walked into the Beis Medrash well after midnight and begged the Torah scholars to take advantage of the segulah of the Ben Ish Chai on his behalf. Wonder of wonders, he was blessed with a son at the ripe old age of 70!
Hatoras Klalos
From the Gemara in Nedarim to numerous seforim and commentaries, Jewish sages have always warned of the terrifying threat of verbal curses. Whether you involuntarily uttered something or were the unfortunate recipient of a curse from another, the list of ramifications is long.
Jewish history is filled with stories of shidduchim that went awry, sudden illnesses that befell the healthy, young deaths before their natural time, and other frightening stories attributed to evil manifestations of curses.

Occassion Opportunities

You dream about the family you will build together with your better half…About the healthy, happy children that will run around your home…About the happy future that will start on your wedding day….
Your dreams really CAN come true!
Every night the scholars of Kollel Chatzos learn and pray for the fulfillment of such and similar dreams. They pray so their Jewish brethren can enjoy health and happiness. They learn so the zechus of Torah helps materialize the hopes of their supporters.
The preparation for a bris takes a tremendous toll on new parents. Most fathers deeply desire to follow the tradition of shmiras haleila, guarding their newborn all night long by immersing themselves in Torah and Tefillah, but find it physically and mentally impossible.
Learning on behalf of a loved one's soul is the greatest gift you can give a departed parent, sibling or friend. At Kollel Chatzos you can engage our distinguished learners to complete Mishnayos and/or Shas in memory of anyone near and dear to you. You can also make a donation to Kollel Chatzos on the night of the yahrtzeit and have us learn Mishnayos Mikvaos l'ilui nishmas.
The day of a 3-year-old boy's upsherin is documented in holy seforim as time when the Heaves are wide open for prayers for the boy's spiritual growth and development into a devout, scholarly Jew.
Performing the Chalakah at the gravesite of Reb Shimon Bar Yochai is also a hallowed tradition among Jews of all communities. This makes Kollel Chatzos a uniquely fitting envoy of any family celebrating an upsherin.
Bar Mitzvah
Watching your beloved son embark on the journey from a child to man is an indefinable nachas moment.The new hat and suit present a fresh image, but in reality the change is eternal. He is now ready to bear the ol mitzvos – a responsible adult in every sense of the word. You daven from deep within that he make the right choices while carving his unique path in avodas Hashem.
Through Kollel Chatzos, you can bequeath to your son the priceless zechus of limud Torah on his behalf.
What's left of the party after all the cake crumbs and ribbons are swept away?
For that special someone in your life, you can give the ultimate gift: The gift that will transform the occasion into a true simcha – an expression of gratitude for another year of life.
Birthdays possess great potential – it is a favorable time for tefillah, as it says Hashem grants one's wishes when he turns to Him on this day.