Every midnight, nearly 100 scholars in these communities leave their warm beds and gather at Kollel Chatzos to study Torah throughout the night.
Kollel Chatzos is a global learning organization with five physical locations in Meron, Israel; Tiveria, Israel; Boro Park, NY; Monsey, NY; and Monroe, NY.
Our goal is to build a Kollel Chatzos program in every city in the world.
Our devout learners immerse themselves in learning for six consecutive hours, culminating in a fervent vasikin Shacharis. Each night they devote a portion of that holy time to pray for their Chatzos partners: Jews everywhere who recognize the remarkably powerful blessings supporting this nighttime vigil brings.
Two Kollel Programs
Twelve Hours of Protection
Together, the five Kollel locations cast a nightlong net of divine shmira and siyata dishmaya for Klal Yisroel. As the day hours are universally covered with Torah, Kollel Chatzos covers the nightly gap from 6pm to 6am:
6pm Eastern Time is 1am in Israel, which is when the Meron Kollel arises. Six hours later, the kollelim in America take over for 6 subsequent hours. The Guardian of Israel does not sleep – so we make sure Torah is learned throughout the night.
At the stroke of midnight, Kollel members are collected from their homes to gather in shul. After a purifying immersion in a mikvah, they are ready for immersion in Torah.
1:00 am
Our scholars' voices trade passages and insights of Gemara and Shulchan Aruch. They break to recite the names of Chatzos partners and advocate on their behalf.
Night culminates in a spiritual Shacharis at vasikin. Kollel members, purified by hours of uninterrupted Torah study, once again pray on behalf of Chatzos partners.
Concluding this amazing contribution to Klal Yisroel, kollel members head home for breakfast, family time and brief rest before they head back to their daytime kollel. Little rest for the weary.
Kollel Chatzos Rules
World's First Nighttime Bais Hora'ah
Kollel Chatzos members have the opportunity to prepare for semicha. Already talimdei chachomim, they become dayanim under the guidance of senior morei hora'ah.

This program is extremely important to Jews across America as anyone with a sheilah can gain access to certified halachic authorities between the hours of 1am and 6am, when other batei hora'ah are unavailable.

Jews who walk into our kollelim to discuss halachic questions with our dayanim get to witness Kollel Chatzos in all its glory. We invite you to do the same, and encourage you to call ahead to ensure a Dayan is present to accommodate you.
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