In times of challenge, people will often resort to desperate measures to have their requests fulfilled. But in truth,the merits of limud Torah and tefillah wield the greatest power…especially when emanating with purity in the stillness of the night, untainted by distraction. Whether it's a couple longing for a child, a family facing a grim prognosis, or an older single anxiously awaiting her zivug, Kollel Chatzos offers hope through timeless segulos. This is not just a one-time kvittel, but continuous nightly tefillos from the hearts of righteous individuals in a Kollel Chatzos of your choice – for you and your loved ones.

The Ketores Segulah

Literally Tears Harsh Decrees to Shreds
"Gather a group of ten men after chatzos to recite the Seder Pitim HaKetoras together and with great intensity, as stated, for it will create a huge commotion above, but only if it said after chatzos at night."
(Arizal, Shaar HaKavanot)
klal yisroel's oldest segulah
This segulah is mentioned in the Torah as early as its inception (Bamidbar 17), as the otherworldly secrets within Ketores were revealed to Moshe Rabeinu on Mt. Sinai. The Arizal writes that in today's world, the recitation of ketores is equivalent; that it brings immense yeshuos and saves from death. Rabbi Yitzchok Kaduri said that it is the only aid against cancer.

The recitation is performed once a week, with kollel locations alternating so each kollel recites it once a month.
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Shidduchim at Amukah

The most auspicious place to pray for your bashert
"The legendary kever is a special site where prayers to find a shidduch are readily accepted."
Don't spend the rest of your life alone
Kollel Chatzos will daven for you every single day until you experience a yeshuah.

The kever of Rabbi Yonasan ben Uziel in Amukah is renowned as a special site where prayers to find a shidduch are readily accepted. Every year, thousands of young people flock to the gravesite to pour out their hearts and daven that the merit of the saintly Tanna assists them to meet their match.

But davening at Amukah is a tough challenge. The remote location and steep approach make the visit arduous at best. Thankfully, representatives from Kollel Chatzos in Meron daven for you at Amukah so you merit finding your bashert. Enjoy the benefits of this renowned segulah from the comfort of your home, knowing that select scholars who devote their nights to Torah are lobbying on your behalf.
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The Illustrious Rashash Redemption

Tried and Tested for help in all areas
"It has been tried thousands of times and has invariably helped."
(Rabbi Chaim Vital)
The History of a Segulah
This segulah has a storied history, and, according to one mesorah, has been transmitted from heaven by Eliyahu Hanavi himself. R' Chaim Vital often used this segulah and personally testified to its wonderful powers. In later generations, the Chasam Sofer performed it on behalf of all the residents of his hometown, Pressburg, during Napoleon's invasion. During the subsequent fighting, all of the homes were destroyed—yet not one Jew perished. The Magid of Mezritch, the Mekubal R Mordechai Sharabi, and the Ateres Tzvi were known to have performed this segulah to incredible effect as well.

It begins with setting aside 160 coins of pure silver (Kollel Chatzos obtained such coins expressly for the purpose of performing this 'redemption'), followed by various prayers and esoteric invocations as described by early mekebulim. The scholars of Kollel Chatzos in Meron perform this complex set of devotions at request, reciting name(s) as a merit for success, removal of illness, etc.
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The Segula of the Ben Ish Chai

True hope for childless couples
"Husband and wife should provide for the needs of the holy group that rises at night and in that merit they will be blessed with children."
(Ben Ish Chai, Keser Malchus 160)
The Sweetest Blessing
Rabbi Mordechai Sharabi had a disciple who was already advanced in age and had tried many segulos in the hope of being blessed with a son. When nothing bore results, he walked into the Beis Medrash well after midnight and begged the Torah scholars to take advantage of the segulah of the Ben Ish Chai on his behalf. Wonder of wonders, he was blessed with a son at the ripe old age of 70!

With our scholars studying Torah every night after midnight, it is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of this incredible segulah of the Ben Ish Chai. When Kollel Chatzos prays on your behalf, you can join the ranks of the many who are now proud parents after partnering in our holy work.
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Hatoras Klalos

Remove evil inflicted by self or others
"Hatoras klalos can be considered a mitzvah in accordance with 'Venishmartem me'od lenafshoseichem", as a curse harms the originator too by circling back onto them."
(Haklalah Livracha)
Excising the evil presence
From the Gemara in Nedarim to numerous seforim and commentaries, Jewish sages have always warned of the terrifying threat of verbal curses. Whether you involuntarily uttered something or were the unfortunate recipient of a curse from another, the list of ramifications is long.

Jewish history is filled with stories of shidduchim that went awry, sudden illnesses that befell the healthy, young deaths before their natural time, and other frightening stories attributed to evil manifestations of curses.

As a guardian of Klal Yisroel, Kollel Chatzos offers a proper Hatoras Klalos ritual that helps obliterate the effect of curses. A Minyan of talmidei chachamim recite the sacred passages composed by the Rashash, excising the evil presence from both the person under duress and any potential originator of the curse.
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