Anyone seeking a partnership naturally seeks a collaboration that will yield the greatest returns with minimum risks. By uniting with Kollel Chatzos – an extraordinary makom Torah that burns the midnight oil while the rest of the world sleeps – you can rest assured that your investments will generate the highest possible dividends with zero risks and losses. Supporting Talmud Torah is the most rewarding and enduring alliance in this world – and the next, guaranteed. A group of esteemed talmidei chachamim learning/davening on your behalf night after night, whether in an American or Meron Kollel, is an unimaginable, everlasting zechus.

Chatzos Partnership

Sky isn't the limit -
It's just the Beginning
"Anyone who becomes a partner in Torah at midnight equally benefits from all the profits chatzos brings."
(Kol Korei)
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Awaken Any yeshuah you need
A parent, a child, a sibling, a friend. A shidduch, a refuah, a job, deliverance from peril. We all need something. And with an entire kollel, at one location or many, learning and praying in your merit, the heavens are pried open and divine assistance is delivered.

The Kollel Chatzos talmidei chachomim execute this sincere responsibility each night. When reciting the kvittel list, they put their heart and soul into each name. The awesome power of midnight Torah gives their supplications an immense influence in shomaim in your favor.
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12 Hours Torah

Invite the holy Shechina
"Anyone who becomes a partner in Torah at midnight equally benefits from all the profits chatzos brings."
(Kol Korei)
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12 hours learning from Israel to America
Together, the five Kollel locations cast a nightlong net of divine security and heavenly aid over all of Klal Yisroel. As the day hours are universally covered with Torah, Kollel Chatzos covers the nightly gap from 6pm to 6am: 6pm Eastern time is 1am in Israel, which is when the Meron Kollel arises. Six hours later, the kollelim in America take over for 6 subsequent hours.
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12 hours Torah

Rashbi Chatzos Partnership

Benefit from his
Holy Promise
"Even when harsh decrees exist and prayers of Jewish children are, unfortunately, not accepted Above, the pleas of those who arise at chatzos are answered!"
The Merit of Meron
Throughout the Zohar, Rashbi mentions 127 times (!) the immense power of chatzos learning and the miracles merited through it. In Meron, Kollel Chatzos learns and prays at his sacred gravesite, offering our supporters the ultimate chatzos opportunity.

Have your name(s) mentioned at the holy kever by esteemed scholars who truly fulfill the will of Rashbi. To tap into R' Shimon Bar Yochai's generational promise, support our Meron kollel, submit your own kvittel, and enjoy miraculous Heavenly aid in every area of life.
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Yisaschar- Zevulun Partnership

Invest in
Guaranteed Rewards
"Chatzos brings you the merit of abundant wealth on this world and assures you a share in the world to come."
(Zohar, Vaychi)
Dividends of a Lifetime
Nearly every section of Zohar extols this age-old partnership. Every individual must, to the best of their ability, strive to fulfill their duty of "immersion in Torah"; those who cannot do so themselves should at least support a Torah scholar for a share in his learning.

For people of means, Kollel Chatzos makes the perfect Yisaschar to your Zevulun, bringing you the opportunity to create an eternal personal partnership with an individual learner for your fair share in Torah. As scripture says, "In this you shall endeavor day and night." Now you can do so every night of the year. Options are unlimited; you may choose the duration and which specific Kollel you wish to partner with.
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