Throughout the cycle of life, special occasions cast a shining glow on our lives – and on those around us. These milestones contain unlimited possibilities for blessing and yeshuos. Yet even sorrowful moments can be uplifted to comfort and console. Kollel Chatzos has the power to unlock the potential inherent in each occasion…the power that surrounds those who rise at chatzos to support the foundations of the world. Your occasion will be elevated through the tefillos and learning of true talmidei chachamim who will mention your name throughout the night in any one of Kollel Chatzos' branches around the world.


The Most Important
12 Hours of Your Life
"In the merit of tzedakah, Rabbi Akiva's daughter was saved on her wedding day."
(רבי עקיבא מקור תלמוד בבלי, שבת קנו ע"ב)
Making Your
Marriage Perfect
You dream about the family you will build together with your better half…About the healthy, happy children that will run around your home…About the happy future that will start on your wedding day….

Your dreams really CAN come true!

Every night the scholars of Kollel Chatzos learn and pray for the fulfillment of such and similar dreams. They pray so their Jewish brethren can enjoy health and happiness. They learn so the zechus of Torah helps materialize the hopes of their supporters.

For these 12 pivotal hours of life, you can sponsor 12 hours of uninterrupted learning to bring blessing into every hour of your wedding. During your wedding, From 6pm to 12am, the talmidei chachamim in Meron have your back. After your wedding, from 12am to 6am, the devout learners in New York protect you. It's a promise of divine favor that will accompany you for your whole life.
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Stay Up
With Tradition
"When one cannot assemble a minyan in the home of the child, they should gather a group of scholarly men to learn Torah elsewhere in the newborn's zechus as a means of protection for the child during the night of his vachnacht."
(תקנות הרשש)
Let Kollel Members
stand watch for your child
all night long
The preparation for a bris takes a tremendous toll on new parents. Most fathers deeply desire to follow the tradition of shmiras haleila, guarding their newborn all night long by immersing themselves in Torah and Tefillah, but find it physically and mentally impossible.

Thankfully, we enable you to uphold the true tradition of vachnacht by purchasing the zechus of our learning and prayer for the night before the bris. Rest assured that the protective powers of Kollel Chatzoz are shielding your newborn in the hours of darkness.
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Do With Heart
For Their Soul
"Every night at midnight Hashem and an entourage of tzaddikim descend to this world and listen to the voice of those learning at chatzos."
(זוהר א פב: צב:ויקרא צב)
Give your departed Loved Ones the Eternal Gift of Mishnayos & Shas
Learning on behalf of a loved one's soul is the greatest gift you can give a departed parent, sibling or friend. At Kollel Chatzos you can engage our distinguished learners to complete Mishnayos and/or Shas in memory of anyone near and dear to you. You can also make a donation to Kollel Chatzos on the night of the yahrtzeit and have us learn Mishnayos Mikvaos l'ilui nishmas. Alternatively, Kollel Chatzos will recite Kaddish based on your specifications.

When it comes to dividing the portions of Mishnayos between family members, there will always be incomplete sections either due to time restraints or lack of understanding.

Everyone is willing and eager to learn but often think, "I wish that I could have an honorable and learned man be my proxy and finish my part as it is meant to be, so that it truly merits the neshamah in the next world!"

This is where this project comes in. An entire kollel of serious men will learn in the merit of your late relatives a"h with utmost concentration to benefit the neshamah in the most honorable way.

The Zohar mentions that every night at midnight Hashem and an entourage of tzaddikim descend to this world and listen to the voice of those learning at chatzos. Just imagine: Your father, brother or other loved actually visits this world to listen to the Torah being learned on their behalf thanks to your support!

Whether for shloishim, first yahrtzeit, or any other request, Kollel Chatzos devises an exact learning plan with a set completion date. While you provide great assistance to your loved one's soul, you also enjoy the fringe benefits of being a Kollel Chatzos partner.
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Start Him Off Right
"There is a worthy minhag to give tzedakah to talmidei chachmim on this day as a zechus for the child to grow up to be a talmid chacham; it is a segulah to weigh the hair and donate the amount in gold or silver to talmidei chachamim."
(סגולות ישראל)
Inaugurating him into Torah
The day of a 3-year-old boy's upsherin is documented in holy seforim as time when the Heaves are wide open for prayers for the boy's spiritual growth and development into a devout, scholarly Jew.

Performing the Chalakah at the gravesite of Reb Shimon Bar Yochai is also a hallowed tradition among Jews of all communities. This makes Kollel Chatzos a uniquely fitting envoy of any family celebrating an upsherin.

When you support Kollel Chatzos, our Meron scholars who toil in Torah on a nightly basis and fulfill the holy words of Reb Shimon Bar Yochai in the Zohar align their prayers with your simcha. There is no greater investment in your child's erliche future than supporting Kollel Chatzos on the very day your young boy is inaugurated into the world of Torah.

For the truest form of the tradition, send us your child's hair. Our Meron representatives will cast it into the fire at Reb Shimon gravesite.
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Bar Mitzvah

Inspire a Legacy
of Mitzvos
"The Zohar states that on the day of a seudas mitzvah, it is proper to consider the needs of others and distribute tzedakah so that the seudah should be accepted Above."
(זוהר הקדוש)
Mark this momentous milestone in a meaningful way
Watching your beloved son embark on the journey from a child to man is an indefinable nachas moment. The new hat and suit present a fresh image, but in reality the change is eternal. He is now ready to bear the ol mitzvos – a responsible adult in every sense of the word. You daven from deep within that he make the right choices while carving his unique path in avodas Hashem.

Through Kollel Chatzos, you can bequeath to your son the priceless zechus of limud Torah on his behalf. Knowing that hundreds of talmidei chachamim are sitting and learning in his merit on that very night with passion and fervor will enhance your simcha more than all the sweet tables in the world.

And what greater chinuch message is there than demonstrating to him what truly matters on this day?
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An Eternal Legacy


For that special
"The Midrash notes that most people celebrate that day that they were born and are joyous during this time and hold a party."
(מדרש שכל טוב מ:כ)
Give an everlasting gift
What's left of the party after all the cake crumbs and ribbons are swept away?

For that special someone in your life, you can give the ultimate gift: The gift that will transform the occasion into a true simcha – an expression of gratitude for another year of life.

Birthdays possess great potential – it is a favorable time for tefillah, as it says Hashem grants one's wishes when he turns to Him on this day.

This is a golden opportunity to show your spouse/child/parent/friend how much they mean to you by sponsoring a day (night) of nonstop Torah learning in their honor. The mountain of zechuyos accrued on this day will fill them with immeasurable pleasure.

Happy birthday – and many happy returns!
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